ICT 표준화 포럼


Total : 49

No 포럼명 정식명칭 첨부파일 홈페이지
1 1394TA 1394Trade Association [바로가기]
2 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project [바로가기]
3 3GPP2 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 [바로가기]
4 AIM Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility [바로가기]
5 ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee [바로가기]
6 Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth Special Interest Group [바로가기]
7 DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance [바로가기]
8 DVB Digital Video Broadcasting Project [바로가기]
9 ELC Embedded Linux Consortium [바로가기]
10 EPC Global Electronic Product Code Global [바로가기]
11 Ethernet Alliance Ethernet Alliance [바로가기]
12 Femto Forum Femto Forum [바로가기]
13 GSM Global System for Mobile Communication [바로가기]
14 HANA High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance [바로가기]
15 HAVi Home Audio Video Interoperability [바로가기]
16 HGI Home Gateway Initiative [바로가기]
17 HomePNA Home Phoneline Networking Alliance [바로가기]
18 IEEE 802 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802 [바로가기]
19 IETF Internet Engineering Task Force [바로가기]
20 IMTC The International Multimedia Telecommunication Consortium [바로가기]
21 IP/MPLS Forum IP/MPLS Forum [바로가기]
22 ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance [바로가기]
23 IrDA The Infrared Data Association [바로가기]
24 Khronos Group Khronos Group [바로가기]
25 MEF Metro Ethernet Forum [바로가기]
26 MIPI Alliance Mobile Industy Process Interface Alliance [바로가기]
27 MSF Multiservice Switching Forum [바로가기]
28 NFC Forum Near Field Communication Forum [바로가기]
29 OASIS Organization for the Advacement of Structured Information Standards [바로가기]
30 OGC Open GIS Consortium [바로가기]
31 OGF Open Grid Forum [바로가기]
32 OIF Optical Internetworking Forum [바로가기]
33 OIPF Open IPTV Forum [바로가기]
34 OMA Open Mobile Alliance [바로가기]
35 OMG Object Management Group [바로가기]
36 Rosettanet Rosettanet [바로가기]
37 SCTE Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers [바로가기]
38 SDRF Software Defined Radio Forum [바로가기]
39 TV anytime Forum TV anytime Forum [바로가기]
40 UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Forum [바로가기]
41 USB IF USB Implementers Forum [바로가기]
42 W3C World Wide Web Consortium [바로가기]
43 WIFI Alliance Wireless Internet Fidelity Alliance [바로가기]
44 WS-I Web Service-Interoperability [바로가기]
45 WWRF Wireless World Reseach Forum [바로가기]
46 WfMC Workflow Management Coalition [바로가기]
47 WiMAX Forum Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Forum [바로가기]
48 World DMB Forum World DMB Forum [바로가기]
49 ZigBee ZigBee Alliance [바로가기]